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Showing Pride stands behind its speedy and reliable shipping services.

Most of our featured items are in stock in our California warehouse. Ready to ship orders will usually be processes and shipped within the same day. Most orders take approximately 5-9 business days to arrive. Items not in stock may take up to 14 days to arrive. Special orders may take up to 21 extra days to arrive from Europe.

Our shipping rates are calculated based on weight (weight is listed on our product pages) and size. Shipping costs are offset against the total price of your order. 

We prides ourselves with being able to offer some of the most competitive shipping rates on the market


0.1lbs to .99lbs Shipping Charge $2

1lbs to 1.99lbs  Charges $5

2lbs to 2.99lbs  Shipping Charge $8

3lbs to 3.99lbs Shipping Charge (approximately) $10

4lbs to 4.99lbs Shipping Charge (approximately) $12

5lbs to 5.99lbs Shipping Charge (approximately) $13

6lbs to 14.99lbs Shipping Charge (approximately)* $17

15lbs to 20lbs Shipping Charge (approximately)* $18

20lbs to 30lbs Shipping Charge (approximately)* $22

30lbs to 40lbs Shipping Charge (approximately)* $27

40lbs to 50lbs Shipping Charge (approximately)* $32

50lbs to 60lbs Shipping Charge (approximately)* $38

60lbs to 70lbs Shipping Charge (approximately)* $40

70lbs to 80lbs Shipping Charge (approximately)* $45

80lbs to 90lbs Shipping Charge (approximately)* $55

90lbs to 100lbs Shipping Charge (approximately)* $60

100lbs to 120lbs Shipping Charge (approximately)* $65

1200lbs to 200lbs Shipping Charge (approximately)* $70 


*Shipping chart does not account for items that are very heavy or large in size (check items for special shipping charges). 

** These shipping costs are approximations for ground/regular shipping services. These values may not be valid for states where ground shipping is not available (e.g., Hawaii and Alaska).
*** In cases where shipping costs significantly exceed the posted approximations you will be contacted before your account is charged.

ORDER TOTAL - International SHIPPING RATES (Approximation)

0lbs to 1lbs Shipping Charge $12

1lbs to 2lbs Shipping Charges $20

2lbs to 3lbs Shipping Charge $40

4lbs to 5lbs Shipping Charge $43

5lbs to 6lbs Shipping Charge $46

7lbs to 8lbs Shipping Charge $49

8lbs to 9lbs Shipping Charge $52

9lbs to 10lbs Shipping Charge $55

10lbs to 11lbs Shipping Charge $58

11lbs to 12lbs Shipping Charge $61

12lbs to 13lbs Shipping Charge $64

13lbs to 14lbs Shipping Charge $67

14lbs to 15lbs Shipping Charge $69

15lbs to 16lbs Shipping Charge $72

16lbs to 17lbs Shipping Charge $75

17lbs to 18lbs Shipping Charge $78

18lbs to 19lbs Shipping Charge $81

19lbs to 20lbs Shipping Charge $84

20lbs to 21lbs Shipping Charge $87

21lbs to 22lbs Shipping Charge $90

22lbs to 23lbs Shipping Charge $93

23lbs to 24lbs Shipping Charge $96

24lbs to 25lbs Shipping Charge $99

25lbs to 26lbs Shipping Charge $102

26lbs to 27lbs Shipping Charge $105

27lbs to 28lbs Shipping Charge $108

28lbs to 29lbs Shipping Charge $111

29lbs to 30lbs Shipping Charge $114

30lbs to 31lbs Shipping Charge $117

31lbs to 32lbs Shipping Charge $120

32lbs to 33lbs Shipping Charge $123

33lbs to 34lbs Shipping Charge $126

34lbs to 35lbs Shipping Charge $129

35lbs to 36lbs Shipping Charge $131

36lbs to 50lbs Shipping Charge $145

50lbs to 70lbs Shipping Charge $165

70lbs to 100lbs Shipping Charge $185


*** This price structure does not apply to oversized items like bodykits